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Car-Buying Tips for College Graduates

Whether you’re getting ready to graduate, recently graduated, or know someone who is about to graduate from college, it may be time to celebrate with a new car!

Cars for College Grads

From tips on what kind of vehicles to look for, to dealer purchase programs, there are many things to consider when buying a new vehicle.

New or Used 

A common question for anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle is whether they should buy new or used.

Many recent college grads may only be interested in purchasing a new car to avoid any potential used car glitches. However, used cars in most cases, depending on age and miles, can make a great vehicle purchase for many years to come.

The key to choosing between a new or used car depends on an individual’s wants, needs and budget. Before making a quick decision, it’s best to research a variety of new and used car options that would potentially meet all or most of your needs. Be sure to test drive several vehicles to ensure that the car you think is best for you, really is.

In the end, the choice is up to the driver!

Reliability and Safety

A new degree can mean a new job in another city or even state, which means more driving for the recent college grad. When it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle, always research the reliability and safety.

Check vehicle safety ratings given by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration which include an overall rating, frontal crash rating, side crash rating and rollover rating. While strong safety scores are not a guarantee for complete safety, they can at least provide valuable insight into how the vehicle is made and performs in case of an accident.

From a short drive to a long road-trip, reliability and safety are two of the most important car features.

Dealer Purchase Programs

Many auto manufacturers offer student programs for current students and recent graduates. Ford and Lincoln, feature their Ford and Lincoln College Student Purchase Program, which provides college students and recent graduates a deal to purchase or lease a new 2013 or 2014 Ford or Lincoln vehicle and receive $500.

In addition to the Ford and Lincoln College Student Purchase Program, Student Bonus Cash and other current public incentives are available. Before you purchase that new or used car you’ve been eyeing, look for any available money-saving deals. Check all fine print for full details to ensure you qualify.

Remember, when buying a new or used car always conduct research! Be sure to check that the vehicle contains features that you are looking for, is reliable and has a good safety rating. Don’t forget to check on any special student discounts and offers available.

If you’re in the Tampa area, consider purchasing a new Lincoln or used car. From the new Lincoln MKZ, to a certified pre-owned Lincoln MKX or Ford Fusion, Parks Lincoln of Tampa is here to help you find the car you’ve been searching for.

Stop by our Lincoln dealership at 10505 North Florida Avenue, or give us a call, (800) 398-7989 to discuss our available options.

Congratulations graduates!




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Eco-Friendly Cars: 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The all-new 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a luxury sedan offering a class leading fuel economy. It comes with a sophisticated interior with premium seating and comfort. The completely redesigned model comes with ample legroom and storage space. It provides styling and features you can expect to find in a midsize luxury sedan. You can relax in the comfort of leather heated driver and passenger seats. Also, expect to enjoy some of the latest in-car technology in the market. What sets the 2014 MKZ apart from other sedans however, is its excellent fuel economy. This is made possible by its hybrid powertrain which is a combination of an electric motor and a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas engine.

More about the hybrid powertrain engine

The all-new Lincoln MKZ is powered by a 2.0-liter engine in conjunction with an electric motor. A lithium ion battery powers the motor when charged which takes over when the gasoline engine is not running. A continuously variable transmission is used to optimally match the power and gearing. The electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) adapts to the driving environment to give the driver more control. The system is designed to adjust modes when driving at low speeds or at high speeds. The nice thing about this feature is you won’t feel it working but you will feel more in control of your ride.

Expect to feel an enhanced sense of security with Lincoln’s advanced driving dynamics. The continuously controlled damping is controlled by a set of sensors. These sensors continuously monitor and adjust suspension depending on the driving mode. Whether you select sport mode or normal mode, the sensors detect body motion and steering. You can expect exceptional ride quality no matter what your driving environment is. The Hybrid engine is a more fuel efficient and eco-friendly option. Because of the electric motor, it emits less CO2 into the atmosphere. If you value efficiency and your environment, the 2014 Lincoln MKZ is the car for you.

How to maintain a hybrid

Now that you know more about hybrids, you might be wondering how to maintain one. Like any car, hybrids require some tender love and care in order to prolong functionality. Here are a few tips to help you prolong the functionality of your hybrid.

  • Like a conventional car, the gasoline engine on a hybrid requires the same maintenance as that on any car. Keep your engine well lubricated and get regular tune-ups.
  • Tires have a big impact on fuel economy yet they are some of the most neglected car parts. Get your tires properly inflated; this can improve your fuel economy by 3.3%.
  • Drive with caution. Aggressive driving puts more pressure on your engine thus burning more gas. The ideal speed for optimizing your gas mileage is at an estimated 50mph.
  • Plan your routes. Planning your trips ahead of time will help save gas in the long run. Impromptu trips put you at risk of getting lost or going on detours; thus wasting gas.

Following these driving and maintenance techniques will protect your Hybrids gasoline engine over time. You will also enjoy the financial benefit of spending less on auto repair and buying gas. Visit Parks Lincoln of Tampa to test drive the all-new 2014 Lincoln MKZ and experience the thrill for yourself.

When you think Lincoln, think Parks Lincoln of Tampa, serving the Tampa, FL region including Brandon, Saint Petersburg and Largo areas. Visit us (10505 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33612) or give us a call today (Sales: 800-398-7989).



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The 2014 Lincoln MKS Luxury Sedan

“Luxury that’s refreshingly honest” – The Lincoln Motor Company

Introducing the 2014 Lincoln MKS Luxury Sedan, boasting added performance, design, luxury and technology features.

2014 Lincoln MKS

The standard new Lincoln MKS model, receives an estimated MPG of 19 city and 28 highway, and is available in eight colors. A MKS EcoBoost® model is also available, containing a 3.5L twin turbo charged direct injection EcoBoost® V6. The Lincoln MKS EcoBoost® receives an estimated MPG of 17 city and 25 highway.

When it comes to performance, the 2014 Lincoln MKS doesn’t disappoint. Featuring Lincoln Drive Control, CCD (continuously controlled damping) and EPAS (electric power-assisted steering), which provides drivers with smooth handling; Curve control and Intelligent all-wheel drive also come standard in the new Lincoln MKS.

If it’s power you’re looking for, the 2014 MKS boasts a 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 engine, combining power and fuel efficiency.

The 2014 MKS has added additional design features, incorporating new adaptive headlamps with auto high beams, LED taillamps, a dual-panel moonroom, split-wing grille, a spacious trunk and various wheel choices for added personalization.

Living up to its name as a luxury sedan, the MKS features Bridge of Weir ™ Leather interior, climate-controlled seating, multi-contour front seats with Active Motion®, heated steering wheel, remote start and premium wood trim.

If technology is what you’re looking for, the MKS has you covered! The 2014 Lincoln MKS model features a multitude of technological enhancements including SYNC® with MyLincoln Touch™, which allows drivers to personalize their driving experience ranging from entertainment, to climate all with a simple voice commands.

Other technology features include adaptive cruise control, with forward collision warning; BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert, active park assist, lane-keeping system, navigation, a rear view camera and THX® II Certified Audio System. The impressive THX® audio system comprises 16 speakers, along with a 10-inch subwoofer with 700 watts of power, and a CD player with MP3 capability, providing superb audio quality.

If you’re in the market for a new luxury sedan, be sure to check out the 2014 Lincoln MKS. As The Lincoln Motor Company states, the MKS is “refreshingly honest.”

To test drive a 2014 Lincoln MKS, visit Parks Lincoln of Tampa located at 10505 North Florida Avenue, Tampa FL. For other new Lincoln models, explore our new inventory and find the perfect sedan, crossover, or SUV today!

When you think Lincoln, think Parks Lincoln of Tampa, serving the Tampa, FL region including Brandon, Saint Petersburg and Largo areas.


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New Year’s Resolution Maintenance Tips for Lincoln Owners

The New Year is here and during this time of the year in most parts of the country, winter season is in full force – meaning drivers should winterize their cars to keep them running smoothly. In Tampa, while the climate remains mild, it’s still important for auto owners to service their cars with seasonal maintenance.

Brake Inspection

From oil changes, to checking tire pressure, Parks Lincoln of Tampa has a list of the top five New Year’s resolution maintenance items to help you stay on the road longer this season!

  1. Check Tires. It’s important to periodically check the condition of your Lincoln’s tires. Ensure all tires are properly inflated, as well as obtain good tread. Reference your owner’s manual for the appropriate psi levels.
  2. Change Oil. Has your auto’s oil been changed recently? Engine oil should be checked monthly, with oil changes as recommended by your owner’s manual or local dealership.
  3. Replace Wipers. It’s recommended to replace your wipers at least every 6 months. If you notice any wear and tear or loss of flexibility, be sure to switch out your wipers immediately.
  4. Check Battery. Having starting problems are never fun or convenient for anyone. If you haven’t already done so this season, have your battery checked to make sure its fully charged. To help extend your battery’s life, occasionally treat your battery and clean it to keep electrical corrosion at bay.
  5. Inspect Brakes. One of the most important safety features on your Lincoln are the brakes. Stop by Parks Lincoln of Tampa or your local car dealership and have your brakes inspected by a trained technician.

While there are more maintenance procedures to follow, these five tips will give you a jump start on maintaining your car this season. If you will be traveling to colder climates, check your antifreeze and be sure you use a 50/50 mix to avoid freezing. When it comes to taking care of your Lincoln don’t wait until you start to notice issues, prep your car and stay a step ahead and on the road!

Schedule your next service maintenance appointment at Parks Lincoln of Tampa. Use our online scheduler or call, (888) 467-4907. To help you save money this season, visit our parts and service specials.